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The constant struggles of being a square peg in a round hole.

Ever wondered how even after your best possible efforts, you still just don't seem to fit in. Despite having so much to offer, you're often considered a misfit, left confused as to whether you belong and if so, where?

Born out of a desire to put myself and others in the same state, out there and have a platform to showcase ideas, thoughts, artwork, expressions of the mind and more, in an agile and iterative form, ever growing, ever upgrading.

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(Ever growing, ever upgrading)

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From a narration of real experiences in life, or subject matter expertise gained over the years and the insights therefrom, to purely thinking out loud - some interesting and wonderful reads.
Collaborators and creative thinkers, writers are welcome to be featured!

Artwork & Photos

Born out of a quest to remain sane during down times or between projects and genes inherited from my artistic parents, a collection of artwork ranging from Fan Art, Pencil and Pen Sketches, Cartooning, Fluid Art paintings, Doodles and more.

Consulting - Strategy and Management

Backed with relevant training, qualifications and experience in a diverse range of fields, equipped to provide a multi-faceted consultation to not just design a go-to market road map, but also sustain and grow businesses

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