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Rationale behind The Eternal Misfit

The lust for wandering is natural, just as the quest for acceptance or fitting in and hence creating this platform for myself and others to use it as a means of letting out their subdued voices, thoughts and creative expressions!

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About the Creator

A Management Consulting and Finance/Marketing/Auditing professional by qualification, an artist and perennial student by heart. Worked in multiple sectors and geographies over time and can't wait to add to that footprint!

Enjoy playing with words over numbers and still believe in the magic they can weave. Trained in Digital Marketing, Design Thinking and continue to learn newer streams.

Firm believer that Kindness is key and that we need a lot more of it, especially now!

Open to connect and bond over topics - old and new, work together with like minded people and grow this platform into something meaningful & thereby make the journey worthwhile.

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